About company FMF

We offer a successful strategy to promote your business, as
well as reliable and innovative software development solutions
and innovative solutions for all the challenges you face.

What we do

Using analytics, technology and design as tools, we help clients create new opportunities and navigate changes in their fields.

We conduct comprehensive analytics, from which we develop promotional strategies and create prototypes that lay the groundwork for future growth. We keep our clients up-to-date with process and technology insights and help them identify new opportunities.
By selecting a full team of professionals for each project, we get to work quickly. For the client we make a transparent plan of all work with the labor costs of each specialist. Based on analytics we create marketing strategy, website design, develop functionality and design system infrastructure. Working since 1999, we have successful experience in the creation and promotion of sites in the most competitive topics.
After thorough testing, website optimization and marketing strategy, we provide technical support for the website and recommendations for website improvement in accordance with client's requirements and market changes.
years of work
7 years
average LT of our clients
employees on staff

Our Timeline

We envisioned making a technology IT-company that helps clients' businesses to be present and grow online
Expansion of staff and development of staff expertise and competence
Vacation Solution
We have created and successfully sell our own product to automate the organization of vacations
25 years of helping companies build and expand their businesses

Our Principles

We are more than just a performer, we are your long-term ally.

We specialize in promoting your business online and creating human-centric IT products where technology works for humans, not the other way around. This not only enhances your brand, but solves real business problems. We see ourselves as your long-term partner, working with you from initial concept to final product. We are always interested in the success of our clients.


We aim to design excellent digital products and experiences for you, in order to let your business succeed.


Our work and processes are transparent from the start. We will explain all stages of our work and provide a detailed report

Time optimization

We strive to work asynchronously whenever possible and appropriate. Our goal is to document and communicate information about our work and process


Good work is a collaborative effort. The project will require your participation, expertise and support at some stages, while respecting your time.

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