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Elevate your online marketing strategy with FMF's premier contextual advertising services. As a certified agency, we specialize in creating targeted advertising strategies that connect you with your desired audience efficiently and effectively.
24+ years of work
7 years average LT of our clients
+167% average conversion growth
100+ employees on staff

How we have work

FMF offers a full range of contextual advertising services including strategy development, creative creation and performance analytics. Our experienced professionals and personalized approach to each client make FMF the best choice in Thailand for successful contextual advertising.

Certified Expertise

Trust in FMF's certified services for your advertising needs.

Full-Service Solutions

From strategic planning to ongoing optimization, we cover all aspects of successful advertising campaigns

Proven Methodologies

Our strategies are designed to ensure your advertising efforts are fruitful and your brand's presence is amplified in the market

Continuous Support

Our team provides unwavering support and actionable insights, keeping your campaigns effective and aligned with your business objectives

Five Pillars of FMF's Contextual Ad

Our rules for setting up contextual advertising are primarily aimed at collecting quality statistics, which allows you to identify the most effective phrases and ads in the advertising campaign. This allows you to maximize efficiency while maintaining your budget

Dual Campaign Strategy

We initiate at least two campaigns for each business area, targeting both search and display networks for comprehensive coverage

Targeted Keyword Matching

Each keyword is carefully paired with a crafted ad to ensure precise targeting and enhanced ad performance

Strategic Negative Keywords

We use negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic, focusing your budget on audiences that are more likely to convert

Goal-Oriented Tracking

Our goal-setting protocols enable us to monitor campaign performance accurately, ensuring your objectives are consistently met

In-Depth Analytics

With UTM parameters, we track user behavior and ad performance, providing the customer with detailed information about the progress

Our Works

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Calderazzo On 31

Italian restaurant in Thailand

Create a consistent visual concept of designing social networks for restaurant

Elite estate located in Phuket

Developed and implemented a digital marketing strategy and ensured 100% sale of all homes

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Comprehensive Contextual Advertising Services

Market Insight: We conduct thorough market segment analytics to identify key opportunities and optimize your ad spend.

Strategic Keyword Selection: We select impactful keywords to create ads that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.

Performance Monitoring: We rigorously monitor and optimize campaigns to ensure peak performance.

Google Ad

We specialize in creating and optimizing ads to make your website as visible as possible to your target audience. Using Google Adwords, we will precisely target your target audience to attract only the most interested users.

Our team of digital marketing experts will develop effective strategies to drive traffic to your website and turn visitors into customers. Trust us and see your online presence grow quickly and efficiently.

From 20,000 ฿
Google Display Network

Google contextual media network allows to attract clients by posting different advertisement. This network includes over two million websites, which covers around 90% of Internet users.

You can address your potential clients when they go through their favorite websites, check their Gmail or use mobile websites and applications.

From 20,000 ฿ / system
YouTube Ad

Want to expand your audience and attract more customers? Entrust YouTube advertising to professionals and watch your business flourish.

Our experts will develop effective YouTube advertising campaigns that will maximize visibility and attract user interest.

Google Purchases

Want to increase sales and achieve more visibility for your online store? Our Google Purchases promotion service can help you achieve this goal. We specialize in optimizing your product catalog so you can reach a wider audience of buyers.

We can help you create the perfect strategy, customize campaigns, and improve conversion to sales.

From 20,000 ฿
Mobile App Ad

Want your mobile app to become popular and attract more users? You can do this with customized campaigns and ads that will be shown on Google's search and contextual media networks.

We use advanced tools and strategies to highlight the benefits of your app, maximize installs and activity of your app.

Begin with FMF in Four Simple Steps

Open the door to successful contextual advertising with FMF.

Just 4 simple steps to instantly start an effective partnership and maximize the results of your advertising campaign

Initial Inquiry

Contact us, and we'll start developing a strategy tailored to your needs.

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Media Plan Creation

We'll craft a media plan aimed at capturing your target market effectively.

Clear Agreements

We establish clear terms in our contracts to ensure transparency and mutual success.

Campaign Execution

Our experts will prepare and fine-tune your campaigns for launch.

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